Bully Elliot is the ninth episode of Series 5.

Bully eliot

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M.I.9 prevent the destruction of a warehouse containing the new invention of billionaire Steve Cobbs, a kit that allows parents to force their lazy children to exercise. However, the team fail to capture the person responsible. When the attacker threatens to target the official launch of the product, Carrie arranges for it to happen at St Hopes so she can be on hand. However, as they let the attacker get away from the warehouse, Stark bans the spies from fieldwork and takes over the protection of Steve Cobbs himself.

Carrie is infuriated by Stark's insults and walks out on M.I.9, refusing to return until he apologizes. Instead, Carrie eagerly throws herself into a dance project run by Mr Flatley and starts to have fun with her classmates. Meanwhile, Rose analyses footprints found at the warehouse and discovers that the attacker was moving en pointe, like a ballerina. She traces it to the Margaret Fontana International Ballet School, but when they alert Stark to the threat, he simply laughs at them.

Against orders, the team decide to send Oscar to the ballet school undercover. With Oscar's dancing skills decidedly shaky, he is surprised when Margaret Fontana agrees to let him join the school, but his investigation stalls when he tries to talk to the ballerinas and they remain silent and vacant. Back at HQ, Rose discovers that there were actually multiple footprints at the warehouse and all the ballerinas are in the frame. She tells Oscar to get back to HQ, but he wants to investigate one more thing. In Margaret's private office, he sees a photo of her and Steve Cobbs, with his son Elliot. How are they connected?

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  • The title parodies the musical/film Billy Elliot, about a boy who loves ballet.
  • Steve Cobbs and Pear Net are parodies of Steve Jobs and Apple Inc.

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MI High - S05E09 - Bully Elliot

MI High - S05E09 - Bully Elliot