Carrie Stewart is an MI High agent and student at St Hopes.


Biography Edit

She is a very optimistic person. However, she is susceptible to panic attacks to due lack of sleep, as seen in The Patient.

Carrie is a keen member of the group, her specialist skills are athletics and gymnastics. She often feels left out when Oscar and Rose talk technical and she doesn't understand it. Even though she is a crucial member of the team, she often feels victimized by Stark, who treats her like a child. An example of this is in Bully Elliot.

Personality Edit

Carrie is idealistic, skeptical, smart, courageous and hot-tempered. She gets on very well with her teammates, but clashes with them sometimes. She is brave, intelligent and selfless, always keen to come out fighting. She is very protective of her friends and will take a bullet for them any day. She is extremely sensitive, easily insulted and can be very hotheaded. She is not infamous for her sense of humor. Carrie is, undoubtedly, a force for good and always eager to save the day.

She is an experienced and highly skilled martial artist. She is quite capable of fighting far more experienced individuals, including Ivan Orfalkold, Anita Blackwell and even the extremely skilled and experienced Jade Dixon Halliday. She is also enthusiastic with physical fitness and extremely athletic. She is a strong-willed, independent and very capable M.I.9 Agent. Carrie has an alarmingly low tolerance of panic, stress and annoyance, shown in The Patient when she suffers from traumatic panic attacks, undergoes stress disorders in The First to Crack. But she puts aside these personal issues to complete the mission.

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