Hermione King is the deputy head at St Hopes.


Personality Edit

She is a strong willed, serious and dominant woman who likes things her own way. Mr Flatley is terrified of her. A fierce, domineering, and obsessive disciplinarian, Mrs King is quite practical and serious, a zealot about rules and importance. This makes her rather arrogant and self-focused, but also very idealistic and fanatically elitist. She has a hot temper and is quick to yell at people who displease her. However, she has a soft spot and always sticks up for her students. An example is in Bully Elliot when she sticks up for Carrie against Stark.

Trivia Edit

  • In Vote SKUL, she supports Avril just to spite Mr Flatley.
  • In Total Eclipse, she unknowingly saved the world, when she was provoked into getting angry at Mr Flatley.
  • In The Wasp, she was shown to be a big fan of Lady Blahga and her invention.

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