Kenneth Flatley is the headmaster at St Hopes.

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Biography Edit

He is easy going but has a determined streak and an obsession for getting things right. He really believes in Saint Hopes and its pupils. He has great patience and works long hours without complaining. Though there has been no improvement in school results, morale or truancy levels, Mr. Flatley's optimism remains un-dented. He gets on well with Frank London, and often uses they both use this friendship to escape Mrs King.

MI9 Edit

Mr Flatley is totally oblivious to the MI9 activities occurring at the school, although he is often in the middle of them.

  • In The Patient, SKUL ninjas break into the school, where Mr Flatley, Mrs King and the St Hopes students are camping.
  • In The First to Crack, he unknowingly unlocked a stolen MI9 case which contained a lethal poison.
  • In Day of the Jacket, he welcomed two pupils, Harriet and Thomas, to St Hopes, who turned out to be Ivan Orfalkold and Dr Carla Baxter, although he almost found out the truth about Harriet at the beginning of the episode.

Trivia Edit

  • Even throughout the school's bad test results, he has always managed to stay as headteacher.
  • His favorite pupil appears to be Rose.
  • He is proud of his most improved student, Scoop Doggy (The First to Crack).
  • Mr Flatley doesn't appear to be very clever, but he manages to be the fifth person in the world to solve the Pendrix puzzle and open the safe in The First to Crack.
  • Mr Flatley loves Morris dancing and voted for the Morris dancing party in Vote SKUL.

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