Rose Gupta is an MI High spy and student at St Hopes.


Biography Edit

She has an extremely high IQ. At school, she is shown to be the stereotypical nerd, with big glasses, tied back hair and always in strict uniform. Rose comes across as polite and well behaved.

She and Scoop had a mutual crush, and she was also drawn to Vinnie in The Crystal of St Helena, before she discovered that he was a SKUL agent.

Personality Edit

Being very calculating and highly intelligent, Rose can be very insensitive, arrogant, and cynical because she lets her intelligence outmaneuver her in many ways. Her intelligence makes her an outsider at Saint Hope's. Her sociality is questionably poor, since she is seen as a target for jealous bullying. She is also highly idealistic and rather insensitively gives her opinions about people, sometimes to their faces. She deeply cares about her teammates and is always there to save the day.

Rose is shown to be occasionally arrogant, dismissive, and selfish. She dismissed Carrie's emotional breakdowns in The Patient, displaying a certain intent on covering up her bigger mistakes, to no apparent avail. This does show her to be both proud and, also, rather arrogant and fierce-tempered. Rose is brave and practical, rather resourceful and able to remember several details when it comes to deduction skills. Rose also is quick-thinking and strategic, able to outwit far cleverer opponents.

Although she seems like a nerd at school, she is seen as a large part of the team. She may be good with gadgets and technology but she is also fantastic at hand-to-hand combat and can outthink her opponents very quickly. Her skills aren't shown very frequently, but she still shows superb martial arts talents and can defeat several opponents.

Her greatest strength is her moral standard and vow to defend the helpless whatever the cost.

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